New module: The Fane of Hathrumar

2 years ago

The Fane of Hathrumar, where foul rites to the dark god H'na vo Thoyen have been enacted for hundreds of years.  It is time to drive out the Dark and bring Light to this ancient place.

A dungeon adventure for level 2-3 characters.

Thanks to Silverquick for great comments and advice.

Level 14
2 years ago

Good luck man, 

2 years ago

A couple thoughts. First killer, brutal dungeon. Not sure if the following points are a bug, or design choices:

1. Campfires do not show/light up, even when found.

2. Short rests do not work in quite a bit of the dungeon

3. I am not seeing  an exit point

2 years ago

Thanks for playing it.

1) I have seen issues with gadgets lighting up, probably a bug.

2) The short rest issue is related to how close monsters are to you, this is common, we have to search for out of the way corners where all the monsters are far away.

3) There is no exit point, you are done when you have cleared the level.  There is a bug with map to map transitions so I am limiting my dungeons to a single map for now.

2 years ago

Thanks for the reply. With the current situation of short rests, it was the toughest dungeon I have done in Solasta. Well done.

Level 7
2 years ago

Nice job. That hypnotic pattern with no concentration and no saves (after you fail the first) is brutal. Ran it on scavenger. Characters ended up 4th level after the final fight.