New Module: Temple of Evil on Witch Mountain

Level 14
2 years ago

New release: Temple of Evil on Witch Mountain

A 1st level Adventure for beginning characters.

Rumors began appearing once again, surrounding the old destroyed Temple on Witch Mountain. Some say dark things have begun to crawl from its murky depths once again. Following a map you obtained in a game of chance, you have found the ancient ruins of the temple, thought lost to the centuries. You prepare for your first foray into the ruins....

Witch Mountain has been surrounded by dark tales of ancient curses for centuries since the days anyone can remember. An enterprising Priest of Maraike strong in his convictions lead an expedition to Witch Mountain to cleanse it of its evil reputation. After numerous purifications and exorcisms he deemed it safe and established a Temple of Maraike at the base of Witch Mountain over the site of some ancient ruins. 

For years the Temple prospered, until the day, one by one the priests started going mad. Some say they heard a strange voice whispering in their ears, of a dark god. The voice corrupted them and distorted their worship of Maraike, turning their souls black as pitch. Evil beasts and men sprang from the Temple in large numbers pillaging the enslaving the lands beyond. The Lords of the area finally united under a single force and put the Temple and its inhabitants to the sword. The Temple was razed and all within killed. 

Over the centuries the location was thought lost... until a certain group of adventurers stumbled onto a long lost map.