New Module: Hidden Shrine of Dramacht

Level 6
2 weeks ago

Its a 5th-7th level module, using the Dungeon Creator. 

Pursuing a Warband of Orcs, your party has tracked them back to an ancient shrine. Just as you are about to ambush the war party, the ground beneath you gives way and you tumble into the darkness below.... . 

The module is more difficult than the original Solasta Campaign as the numbers of bad guys are increased in comparison.

Here are the things you need to know before you begin...

This is the second module I've done with the Beta Toolset for Solasta, which is in early access at this time.

Download the file, unzip it and place it in this directory
C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Locations

Start up your Solasta Game and select New Adventure>Campaigns>User Campaign>change. You should see the module Crypt of the Wight King listed there to select. You can then add characters.

This module requires the characters you use to be 5th-7th level.
So you will have to go into your Character Vault, select the characters you want to use and select the Level Up button and continue leveling them to 5th, 6th, or 7th level depending on what level of characters you wish to take through.

The initial area is the Base Camp, I have left many of the items you would have in the original Solasta Campaign at these levels in a Chest next to the resting point. BUT they will have to be Identified so bring a character capable of identifying magic items if you wish to use them. I have also left Rations in the Chest so you can take a Long Rest and Prepare Spells as your characters are likely to have auto selected spells at this point.

This module is tested with 5th level characters, but if you want an easier challenge you can select 7th level characters to use as well.

Playtime is around 2 Hours and 30 Minutes.

Leave any Feedback of bug reports Here or on the posting itself. 

2 weeks ago

Cool dungeon! I had to turn the graphics down on my (admittedly older) gaming PC, for a couple rooms. The last battle  was vicious. 

Level 6
2 weeks ago (edited)

Heh, yeah that last battle is... screwy for lack of a better term. 

When I took it on, (Balanced Party with GWF Paladin Aristocrat, Mountain Fighter Lowlife, Life Cleric Lawkeeper, Sellsword Shock Wizard). It completely threw me off. 

The first fights in this Module put a strain on your Melees because they can end up sucking up a lot of hits from multiple attackers. So your Mage and Cleric have to use AoEs to try to diminish the numbers of incoming monsters or it gets brutal. 

The middle fights are all about the Cleric and Front Liners since the monsters are resistant to some forms of elemental attacks. 

The last battle though can completely stalemate your casters. Leaving only your Front Liners to handle the bulk of the work. 

(Spoilers ahead)

I came out of the secret door in Cautious Mode, and unleashed a Fireball into the main crowd. While the Cleric threw a Silence Spell on the Altar Group. I was expecting that High Priest to either move away from me out of the Silence Radius, thereby taking us out of his spell range... or better yet, move foward towards us so my Fighter and Paladin could make mince meat out of him. 

But no... he just stands there in the middle of the silence zone, fires crossbow bolts at you and counterspells you. It completely stalemated my Wizard AND Cleric so no more Fireballs or healing. I couldn't even heal my guys because he would counterspell me from the Silence Zone. 

While the rest of the crew in there is pretty nasty too, they are doable... once you get rid of the High Priest, and you'll probably have to hide your Wizard and/or Cleric behind the Pillars as they just go balls to the wall on the both of them.  

So you kinda have to Double Fireball the whole crowd before he gets his turn and send your melees and Cleric w/Spiritual Hammer straight for the High Priest or it gets pretty hard to finish off the ones coming from behind the pillars. 

2 weeks ago

Actually, I smoked the last battle. I sneaked along the back of the tombs from the entry point all the way around, and had both my shock arcanist and cleric throw fireballs.  After killing almost all of the low level cultists and evil priests, the Paladin and the spellblade cleaned up the rest. I actually rolled the characters, instead of my usual free edit for stats. Lvl 7 made a difference, but the spectres were tough.

Level 6
2 weeks ago

Yeah Technically the Module as a whole could be done with 3 Melees and a Cleric as well, but your Cleric would have to have either the Domain that gives him Fireballs.... OR Alternately use a Lot of Spiritual Guardian. 

The Spiritual Guardian spell (3rd level Clerical spell) works really well as any monsters that come at your party get zapped as soon as they get within two spaces of the party. Combined with Multiple attacks from Fighters on weakened enemies its pretty effective. Its not as effective as Wizard Fireballs are, but it works. 

2 weeks ago

Cleric of Einar with the battle domain is pretty awesome, combined with a sell-sword Shock Arcanist, really helps a 4 character party. Stil, I enjoyed the dungeon immensely. I like to think that good tactics served me well in the last battle. Badlands wraiths on the other hand, shiver....

Level 6
2 weeks ago

Tactically you're very sound. 

You figured out the weak point of their formation right off the bat, so you did well against the final encounter. I know you went through at 7th level vs 5th level like I did, but good job on finding the weakness of the encounter that fast. 

The Wraiths... well that one I didn't have as much problem with but I knew to have mercy on players on that one which is why I left the campfire at that point. It starts out small with only a couple, but since they're Wraiths they level drain. 

The biggest encounter with them once left my Paladin with a mere 16 hit points and obviously you cannot heal that damage and lesser restore will not give you the levels back. 

Key to that one was keeping the Light Spells up so they attack you with disadvantage. Paladin Smite helps a great deal, so does Cleric Spiritual Weapon, Guiding Bolt, and Spiritual Guardians. Another tactic with a Cleric when multiples of any undead attack you is to Turn Undead and make half of them flee or not attack you, Thins their numbers out, and you can take them one at a time at your leisure. 

2 weeks ago

They got initiative, which never helps. But all in all, a thoroughly enjoyable dungeon. I look forward to more of you work.