New Mod: You should Have Stayed Dead

Level 13
2 years ago

This mod will allow you to try with 1st and/or 2nd lvl characters. You WILL be ramping up the difficulty factor substantially if you do. I play tested, with a 3rd lvl party, Pal/CL/Rog and Wiz.

Old time CRPGs would have doors, chests etc, that required a specific key or gemstone or rune in order to open. We dont have that option yet with the DM, so I tried to design this dungeon to force you to figure out the "combination". Some rooms will be too difficult, until you level. Goodie bags, are not that frequently distributed. You will need to be patient, and figure out when to use what, and how to proceed.

GL, have fun...and PLEASE let me know what you think of it!

Level 7
2 years ago

Started it. Couple of requests for starting chest. First, alternate spellcasting items. Started with a third level party but my rogue shadowcaster can't cast her spells because no spellcasting focus. Also, be nice to have a component bracer or belt pouch so my wizard can hold a potion in his hand. Second, extra short swords. One for my dual wielding rogue (not a big issue; she can dual a dagger until a ss comes along); one for my high elf wizard. Don't expect him to be in melee much but a dex based weapon is better than a staff just in case.