NEW DLC Dungeon: Temple of Evil

Level 14
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A murder mystery leads to the discovery of intrigue in the Temple of Einar. That intrigue turns out to be connected to a much more sinister plot involving an old Temple of Evil near Witch Mountain with an evil past. Are you strong enough to brave the dangers of the Temple of Evil? You will soon find out as your party gears up for an epic adanture to cleanse Witch Mountain of the Evil that has infected it for centuries.


This Campaign is a Temple of Elemental Evil remake folded into the history and lore of the Solasta Campaign. It is designed to scale and as close to the original as possible barring the campaign differences. All effort has been made to make it feel as close to the old classic 1st Edition as possible. So things like the 0 level monsters have had their hit points greatly reduced to account for the Sleep spell being just as strong as it used to be at low levels. Certain monsters are not available in the Dungeon Maker yet so could not be included and had to be replaced.

Temple of Evil Campaign:

- Total of 26 Maps taking characters from level 1 to level 10-11.

- Beautifully crafted areas, dungeons, and towns.

- NPCs with dialogue

- Merchants for gear and selling

- Customized monsters, NPCs, and Journals,

- Intense combat taking advantage of all party abilities.

- Recommend a balanced party.

- Must own the Lost Valley DLC to play it

BALANCED PARTY DEFINED AS: (One of each of the following 4th Edition Terminology)

Defender: The Tank or heavily armored character who stands in front with a lot of hit points and AC. Generally this is read as a Paladin or Fighter usually in Plate with Sword and Shield. Or Life Domain or War Domain Cleric. Though I hear the new Barbarian Stone Path may work here. Life Domain Cleric gets Heavy Armor Feat for free, and can be combined with Lawkeeper background for Martial Weapons. Battle/War domain can cast with weapon in hand, but does not have heavy armor only Medium (Aka Half Plate + Shield)

Striker: The high single target damager. This is usually defined as Ranger, Rogue, or Greatsword Spec Paladin (Smite + Followup Strike Feat and Two Handed Fighting Style). But could include the New Barbarian class as generally Barbarians can put out significant single target damage.

Controller: Battlefield controller defined as Area of Effect Specialist, whether that be a Nuker style mage like a Shock Arcanist, or a Disabler style Mage like the Green Mage. Classes that fit this bill include Wizard, Sorcerer, Battle Cleric, Elemental Cleric, or the new Druid Class with correct spell selection that allows it.

Healer: This is going to be either a Cleric or Druid, as no other class can do it. And in Lost City of Ilthismar, you’re gonna need healing. Strongest pure healer is the Life Cleric. But all of them can still do the job.

You will need someone who can unlock chests and doors, so make sure you’ve got either a Rogue or another class with the Lowlife background.

1 year ago

I'm really enjoying this.

I am getting a couple of non-gamebreaking bugs that I suspect you want to know about.

1, stairs down from temple level 1 on the main maps that are labelled as going to temple level 2 (not the one in the lesser temple and not the sacrificial pit) instead go to the travel map for the OC.

2, dialogues with the the priest of the water temple are blank; I click on the NPC and try to talk, and the only thing that happens is that there's a "conversation" in the logs that I can refer back to. There's nothing in that conversation. I also can't attack said priest, even after cleaning his temple (which one would think would make him aggressive).

James Neal
Level 4
1 year ago

Aside from bug #1 reported above I didn't experience any significant bugs, just dialog typos.

I enjoyed this a lot, I thought it was really well paced in general although it does become a bit of a slog towards the middle. I was pleasantly surprised when the final vendor showed up towards the end - I had been dutifully accumulating gold all adventure and I thought this was making the usual CRPG mistake of gold being useless but then that guy showed up and managed to pretty much clean me out.

11 months ago (edited)

First of all, I want to thank you for a couple of incredible campaigns, The devs need to employ you because you bring such a lot to the IP. Anyway,  temple of elemental evil is by far one of my favourite games from many years ago. With this in mind, a quick question regarding combat balance. As part and parcel of the “temple of evil” the player must select level one characters and this is all well and good until the temple area. By the time I inside the Temple I’m finding my opponents/monsters are out-classing me every time and as new combatants are not re-generated I cannot improve my party‘s level, is there anything I can do to level the field?

“A 1000 mice a tiger does not make”

6 months ago

There are little to no bugs with it. Thanks for sharing.

5 months ago

For me, no ancient passageway appears, so I cannot finish the game.

2 months ago (edited)

Hi there,
I like the DLC very much, but got stuck.
I cannot access Level 4, Level 4 sign is shown on the map an when I enter I am only allowed to access upper temple or base camp.
Is there anothe entry to greater temple the the one in Level 3?
I received the golden skull earlier than mentioned by silverquick in the steam forum.
Lesser temple quest and golden skull quest is markes as finished.
can somebody help me?
Thanks in advance, regards
Found it on Nexus, maybe someone else got stuck:
For anyone that is playing this who is not on Steam, the current versions are out of date on Nexus and Mod.IO.
The issue is with the entrance to level 4 and on the 1.28 version you cannot progress the campaign past this entrance.
Version 1.29 which fixes can be found on discord, Solasta, Temple of Evil channel, but it has to be started from beginning.

Level 4
2 months ago (edited)

Still broken with game v1.5.94 and UB v0.25.4.0, Nexus mods v1.28 last updated 5/12/2022.  No ability to access temple level 4.  Is there any chance of support for this mod?

1 month ago

Version 1.29 which fixes can be found on discord, Solasta, Temple of Evil channel, but it has to be started from beginning.