NEW Campaign: Vel Leverage

Level 6
1 year ago

I’m happy to share a new Solasta adventure: Leverage

The Leverage campaign features 6 custom maps to explore, spanning levels 1 to 10, with varied environments, challenging combat, and a novel story within Solasta’s lore.

I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did. You can contact me via 

Getting Started

Starting map name: Vel Leverage A1

No mods required.

To install: use the Steam Workshop collection “Vel Leverage” to get all the maps, alternatively Nexusmods, or for GOG.

Full installation instructions: 

To play: go to Dungeon Maker, select Vel Leverage A1, play.

Recommended starting level of 1. For less of a challenge, start with the party at level 2.

Recommended entry party levels by map:

A1: L1

A2: L3

A3: L5

A4: L7

A5: L8

A6: L9

Story Blurb

The noble’s job seemed simple enough: find the thief and return the magic locket. Your adventure twisted through the wilderness and took an unexpected, epic turn to Elven crypts and an ancient Elven castle in search of untold power.

1 year ago


Level 13
1 year ago

Will be grabbing this tonight. And, I must say, that is an elegant forum avatar you have chosen, truly the choice of a being of culture. 😉 Always good to see more modules out there!

Level 13
1 year ago

I’ve been playing this module last night and tonight, and finished the 1st two levels and now on the 3rd. This is a really good module, and based on the experience so far, I’d put it up there with Silverquick‘s Slaver’s campaign. Nice dungeon layouts with lots to explore and alternate ways to objectives, some tough (but not unfair) fights, pretty generous loot, and enough story beats to pull the levels together. Having a blast!

Level 13
1 year ago

I finally beat this tonight. I did not see that final battle coming. Vel killed me even more than Silverquick (10 deaths total, SQ only got me like 5 or 6 times! Neither of them have TPK’d me, because I am just that good 😂😉). The amount of independent quality content coming out for Solasta is frankly amazing. Can’t wait to see what comes next!