My Solasta experience/review

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1 year ago

Leaving this here (straight from the buffer) since Gog has a retarded character limit and I can't possibly review a game like this in less than 1000 characters.

Handle as you see fit as I'm sure you will without shame. I won't know since I don't have the time nor need to hang out on forums and thus won't be returning here. 

Solasta nails the essentials.

The dungeon crawling parts are fun and engaging. It's been many years since I played a D&D tabletop game, but when on a mission in Solasta, it really did bring me right back and I felt as I was playing actual D&D again. I assume that's one of the best compliments the developers could receive. And congrats on that.

Additionally, the HUD is good. Non-intrusive, intuitive and easy to use.

Game mechanics, although explained on a very basic level are still pretty clear, even if you never played a D&D game in your life or, like me, are a few major ruleset versions behind.

There's some shit-stained icing on the cake too though.

As entertaining as the missions are, at least as bad are the dialogues and the animations for them.

Every dialogue scene is like a cold shower, immediately breaking the immersion of the, in contrast, superb exploration and combat scenes. Just having to watch these square-jawed soulless stick puppets and accepting them as the characters you spent time making, is physically painful.

It's almost as if separate teams were responsible for both parts.

Hint to the dev team, as far as I'm concerned, and also, considering the fact your target audience is people who play games, largely created by their own imagination, most would probably have preferred a pop-up text box instead of what we got here, maybe with a cool drawing doodled in the sidelines.

Another gripe so far is that these characters do not seem to be behaving all that differently, although I made a point of it to create 4 chaotic evil swine.

I'm not THAT far in yet, but as far as I've gotten, I've seen plenty of opportunities for them to make a quick buck and profit or just be plain evil, yet without a choice to make, they're always politely thanking people and saving others left and right.

This may yet change as I get further into the game but, based on my experience so far, I'm guessing it won't. And that would mean the whole alignment choice is going to end up as the insignificant difference between a few meaningless dialogue options. If so, that's a huge miss.

To sum it all up, Solasta is fun, mainly because it does succeed in it's main goal of transforming a tabletop session into a digital experience. But don't expect the visual and auditive 'quality' we've gotten used to nowadays from recent mainstream games. My personal opinion, it's worth buying if you're a fan of RPG's and/or A/D&D, but not at this price. At a discount though ? Go for it.

Nevertheless, my appreciation to the team responsible for making this, since we sure as hell don't get enough of these types of games. Also, despite the negative points I raised, I'd still rather play Solasta than any of the aforementioned 'mainstream' games. Just leave a little room for improvement as well instead of focusing on pumping out paid DLCS. You could have a little gem here If you'd just polish the stone