My Bug experience

Level 1
2 years ago


while I really enjoyed the game, even more than Baldur's Gate 3, I encountered a lot of bugs that made the game a big pain.

The bugs:

1) Can't talk with master Dackin - a very common one

2) Paralysis from ghouls lasts for full 10 turns, regardless of saving throws - also a common bug - to me it happened every time during every fight. I don't remember what spell it was but master Margracht spell had the same effect. As if every spell that applied condition lasted for full duration. If I recall correctly it wasn't the case if I succeeded the first saving throw and the condition wasn't applied.

3) Potions of giant strength increase your strength only to 20 instead of 21/25 or so. This limit shouldn't apply here.

4) Alt+Tab during loading sometimes leads to "verify your game files..."

5) Mage armor says it's change armor to 13. It actually is 13+DEX which is significant difference. There were also a lot more vague or incorrect descriptions for spell e.g. acid splah.

6) After casting fireball my spiriting guardians in the same turn dealt the damage of that fireball (the exact same combination of 8d6 instead of 3d8) twice to the enemies.

Other annoyances/things to improve:

7) Scrolls don't show what the spell it have does. It really needs description.

8) You can't move a flaming sphere/eternal weapon and then attack or choose the direction of your attack.