Multiple Fighting Styles on Hunter

1 year ago (edited)

EDIT: Title should be Ranger, but it would break the link to this thread that I sent to the team via email. Oops!


I wanted to file a bug report for the newest version of Solasta since the Primal Calling update.

(Version 1.2.9 - Public)

I started a new game and skipped the tutorial with my party, and progressed the main quest by going to the Grave keepers cask tavern to rest and level up. When I got to my ranger, my third character, I decided to cancel her level up process after selecting a fighting style, in order to check what spells my druid would get, so I didn't pick two of the same ones.

After setting up my druid, I went back to the ranger, and I noticed the archery fighting style was missing. I was confused, so I chose another style, went to the spells, selected one and hit cancel. Lo and behold, my level 2 Hunter now has both archery and dueling fighting styles. Afterwards I did it again to get the armored perk too.

I'm unsure if this works on other classes, but it might if they can choose a fighting style followed by spells.

I mean, I'm not complaining but it's not balanced or intended! lol

PS: Really love the game, great work!

1 year ago

I have experienced exactly the same.

Here's a bullet point form of the requirements to replicate the issue:

  1. Be a Ranger
  2. Start the Level-up process from level 1 to 2
  3. Choose a Fighting Style
  4. Press Next to proceed to Spell Selection
  5. Cancel the level-up process
  6. Start the level-up process again
  7. You cannot choose the Fighting Style, you chose in the previous level-up process, as it's still applied
  8. If you choose another Fighting Style, you will gain the benefit of the other Fighting Style too
  9. Repeating this process allows you to gain all 4 Fighting Styles at the same time