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Tactical Myzzrym
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1 year ago (edited)


How do DLCs work in Multiplayer?

Everyone is synchronized with the host's DLCs. This means that if the host doesn't own any DLC but a player does, said player won't have access to their DLC while playing with that host. For this reason, we suggest the person with the most DLCs hosts the game.

Can I play with Steam / GoG / Gamepass / Mac players?

Yes, we built Multiplayer to allow cross-play between different game stores (unless you deactivate the option while creating your multiplayer lobby). If it doesn't work, it's a bug and you should definitely tell us!

I can't see my friend's game in the lobby browser!

Make sure you are in the right region in the lobby browser, and that your friend didn't set the lobby visibility to private!

How do save files work for Multiplayer?

All campaign save files are compatible both in Single and Multiplayer! This means you can continue a Multiplayer save file on your own, have different players join, swap around who plays which character... It also means you can invite your friend to join a Single Player save file of yours at any time!

Can I play Player-made custom content in Multiplayer?

Absolutely, the only custom content not compatible with Multiplayer are Custom Dungeons - however they can easily be converted into Custom Campaigns (which can be played in Multiplayer) by following this guide: 

Is there a way to chat in-game?

While we do have an in-game ping system to easily communicate with your companions, we unfortunately could not add a chat system due to how many requirements would be involved. If you wish to further discuss with your teammates, we have multiple voice-chat rooms at your disposal on our Discord server for that purpose. 

Fat Bastard
Level 1
1 year ago

We are having issues with syncing. It is showing different people in initiative order. It is showing different success and failures for skill rolls. Showing people dying on one computer while they are still alive on another. The swamp is worse than other areas so far.

Level 3
1 year ago

Same issue here, Fat Bastard. We had to go offline and do the Swamp and reconnect after. We had a couple de-sync issues before but the swamp is impossible

1 year ago

Sync recovery option. When you notice the turns are out of order, have the host, SAVE game to a temporary slot, and LOAD it again.  That should get everyone back in the same order.

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3 months ago

I was playing the new DLC Palace Of Ice yesterday with my friend. Everything was great and we got off and went to bed. This morning my game is in version 1.0.0 - Internal DEBUG_ENVIRONMENT and I can play multiplayer with anyone. I play on Xbox. How do I fix this?

This is not good

3 months ago

I'm having the same issue on Xbox. I do not have palace of ice, but have the other expansions. Two of my friends whom I've been connecting with for the entire campaign seem to be on latest version but I'm stuck at debug 1.0.0 and cannot seem to update. I've Uninstalled and installed twice now. 

3 months ago (edited)

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