Multiplayer and lan game

1 month ago (edited)

The game will be perfect if it will have the ability to play with friends (like icewind dale, neverwinter, original sin). Where you or your friend/s can take control of their heroes of their choice and walk throughout the story line. Please make the lan connect easy and comfy as multiplayer (if your friend is far away). 

This is the main mistake gamedevs make from game to game. Only one player and tons of uninteresting characters in party. I know that a lot of people don't like party at all (hello skyrim) and there is no necessary to have followers to get to the end of the story. Yes it can be more challenging but is very important to have this choice. 

The ability to play:

  • Fully one player without party.
  • Standard game.
  • Play up to 4 friends with their characters online or lan.
1 month ago

Hey there kortofertos!

You're not the only one who's been asking us about Co-op - and for good reasons. We perfectly understand people wanting to play with their friends, and we also think that it would be a great thing if we could do that. However, when making a game you also have to make rational decisions based on your team and your budget.

What I'm saying is, it's not like we're AGAINST multiplayer. We thought about it, discussed about it, and concluded that based on our current plans we simply can't risk it for our first game. Remember that we don't have the firepower that some other game studios may have^^

This is not to say it's impossible for future game, and good surprise can always happen.

1 month ago

@Tactical Myzzrym  Here's to hoping for a wildly successful kickstarter campaign that allows your team to add all the features you would like!

2 weeks ago

Definitively want MP in future. What helps a lot for single player is forms of hall of fame / statistics / recaps of how you did. Oh and if no MP perhaps hotseat would be possible (let players mark who owns what charachter and share playing etc then with steam game sharing or other mechanism you can plan together even if not in same place.)