Multiattack Defense (Hunter Ranger's level 7 feature) not working

Level 7
9 months ago

Steps to repeat

Create a level 7 Ranger with Hunter archetype and Multiattack defense.

Equip it with medium armor and shield to have high enough AC((let's say 18 AC with scale armor and shield) to easily notice whether the +4 works or not.

Pit against an enemy with at least 3 attacks, is possible 4.

Do unarmed attacks, let enemy attack.

Expected behaviour

When enemy hits on first attack, Multiattack defense activates and boosts AC by 4 (ex 18 AC -> 22 AC).

Witnessed behaviour

Enemy hit floor AC 18 on first attack, HITS ON SECOND ATTACK WITH SAME RESULT, (18), should have missed (18 < 22).

Additional notes

Noticed this when fighting Razan which was the first enemy I fought just after level 7, that was strong enough for me paying attention to hits & misses especially with Multiattack Defense. xd

I'm pretty sure I didn't mistake the attack chain with "Legendary action followed by regular turn" (in which case there is no bug since technically legendary action is on a different turn), although that may still be possible. I made a screenshot anyways, I'll upload it when I can (not on my "gaming machine" right now) and I'll double check then that I'm not reporting a false positive. :)

Level 7
4 months ago

Hi there!

Problem still occuring in the latest version pre-Palace of Ice.

It's really annoying because this is a very important feature for a frontline Ranger. Could you please take a look?

hereattached a "test file" middle of fight with Ranger having 19 AC while two-handing, should have 23 with Multiattack active.

Also 23 base AC while sword & board (Wardenblade + Brightwall) shoul have 27 with Multiattack Defense yet no text saying it was triggered, and a subsequent attack past the first successful one hitting 23.

Level 7
3 months ago

Hello there!

I didn't see any recent patch notes, but wanted to check in!

Played with friends this weekend in a community campaign, friend had a Ranger, and in this session we properly saw the Multiattack Defense feature activating ("reducing enemy attack by 4" instead of "boosting AC by 4" I guess it was easier to implement in that way ^^). 

I'll try to make tests on my end with my own single-player save ASAP, but whether there was a silent minor patch in the last four days or we had the trouble for entirely unrelated reasons, it *seems* bug has been identified and addressed. 

If anyone currently playing a Hunter Ranger with Multiattack Defense can confirm it works for them?