Movement Improvements

3 months ago

Flying characters should be able to traverse obstacles that require jumping rather than always taking the long way around.
Movement for larger creatures has improved.  It appears that you are now allowing squeezing as a means of approach whereas before large creatures were too easy to kite because they would always stay put. They should still attempt to close the distance as much as possible.

If a mob cannot approach due to obstacles or party stealth they should still attempt to close the distance as much as as possible.  If the party is stealthed monsters should attempt to either hide themselves or search for the party.

In general I think the AI could be improved in these areas.

Level 6
2 months ago

I concur for movement. A few (sometimes very) annoying things...

1/ Chasms that are apparently "impossible to cross" even though technically I'm 100% sure I fill the conditions for an Athletics check jump (typically: Monk with Belt of Giant Strength so 19, buffed with Jump, activating Step of the Wind: confirms me running jump over 50 feet horizontally and 20 vertically *without* a running start). Ideally we could have a "Jump" button allowing us to set up starting point arrival point, and have game tell if possible with/without check. But I know I'm asking for much here.

2/ Character should not try a jump it may fail if there is a movement around that is safe to use while still allowing to reach target space. Or, if target space is achievable only with that jump, make the whole movement yellow-colored.

3/ Character should NOT, EVER, go straight through a trap or magical hazard that anyone in party has noticed (or worse, created). Unless you color it red and popup confirmation. There may be legitimate cases for making a character hurt itself, but it should be explicit.

4/ We're missing a "go prone / stand" option, although that is more of a wish than a need really. Game is perfectly fine as is, and I guess this would be significant work to implement because you'd need to also program the IA for it, but if by any chance this could be done at some point it would be great.

As usual, those are strong criticisms but they come from souls loving the game. It really is great, we are simply always expecting/hoping continuous improvement is all. :) Keep up the good work team!