Move camera via screen border touch + Color Blind Contrast

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1 year ago

Heya Solastarians,

I would like to bring two issues to your attention and ask for solutions:

1. I am color blind (actually red-green- or contrast-weak) like about 10% of the males around the world are and have serious difficulties reading text in certain menus. For example a light grey text on a medium grey background is a complete no go for me. When can we expect game designers to THINK before they design a UI? The non-scalability of the font doesn't help either. And before you ask: No, this problem can't be solved by adjusting brightness or contrast; it is a conceptual issue.

2. I hope I am missing/overlooking something here but can one only move the camera with the WASD keys? I would very much apprechiate it if the cam would move when the mouse touches the screen borders. It is totally unneccessary and UI bloat to use the mouse PLUS a hand.

Can somebody please help me in regards of question #2? I guess #1 is the usual uneducated/unempathic developper thing.

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1 year ago (edited)

Set dragging with two fingers to be dragging with RMB and it works great on touch (I have Envy, not Surface, but its essentially the same idea).

Confine the camera to the game window for edge scrolling (in options, tho WHY this isn't default I have no idea).

Now dragging with one finger pans the camera focus and two fingers rotate it around the focus.

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