More Voices

1 year ago

It would be great if there were more than 3 voices available. Currently playing and my 2  people in my party have the same voice. Does not bode well for the immersion. and honestly given the choices of race.. not all the voices match up.

Level 6
1 year ago

Agree completely.  We have only 3 human voices, all of which sound human,  (no Dwarvish or Orc accents at all), a nd only TWO female ones because the third is so screwed up and sounds male.  A lot of people have noticed and compalined about this problem re the 3rd 'female' voice ever since the game first came out, but it has never been addressed.

Even a monosyllibic half-orc   Barbarian who can only communicate with grunting noises (as was availa ble for Ice Wind Dale) would be something!

Level 1
5 months ago (edited)

Totally agree with this: only 3 male voices feels restrictive already, but 2 female voices is really impossible to work with. I'm starting the Lost Valley campaign right now, and having 2 female characters talking with the same voice is annoying and immersion-breaking.

I understand it would be problematic to hire a new voice actor and record the whole campaign again at this point, but could we please get at least a mute (no voiceover) option in the next update? It would help immensely!

Those are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others.