More Monsters coming soon?

Level 6
1 year ago

First off, I want this known that this is NOT a complaint thread.  I have played this game every day since release.  If I did not play it but a couple days, it's because I was out of town and away from my PC, I'm loving it.  Great job on the release version.  

I've noticed in the Dungeon Maker that to make fights hard enough for higher levels, the creators have to use a lot of lower level monsters.  Might be time to add Trolls, Giants and some other monsters.  Oozes would be nice to flesh out the lower levels as well.

Level 14
1 year ago

Based on the Beastiary, monsters like Giants will likely be added in the relatively near future. If you turn on the option for a fully unlocked Beastiary, Giants, Trolls and Golems are present, just without independent models. You just wouldn't notice normally because you're not fighting those monsters.

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