More Frequent De-Syncs Since Palace of Ice

Level 1
3 months ago

My wife and I play multiplayer pretty often, connecting via a decently powered Windows 10 gaming desktop and a Mac laptop that has to run on low graphics settings. Prior to the Palace of Ice update, we would only experience de-sync rarely, and usually only after we had left the game unattended for some time.  Now we are getting de-synced almost every combat, often during the first  or second round. Every time, restarting the game on both systems, and then reconnecting will allow us to get through that combat encounter. However, then we de-sync again in fairly soon after (but always during combat.)

We haven't troubleshot it much, but we did try lowering graphics settings on both systems, and it doesn't seem to change anything.

3 months ago (edited)

My group is having the same problem.  We get a de-sync almost every time when combat starts or ends that require us to close the game and reload everyone back in.  We always keep graphics set to low for multiplayer and we confirmed it is not on our internet side.  We played through multiple campaigns on multiplayer before Palace of Ice update with little to no de-syncs, but something in this update has definitely bugged the multiplayer.