Monk & Mage Armour

Ben Rincover
4 months ago

Good day,

Due to some nebulous wording, I decided to try and see if mage armour would work on a monk even though I know it doesn't work in 5e.

1. Not only did it NOT work, overriding the unarmored defence, there was no way to get rid of it other than waiting it out. Can't cancel it because it's not a concentration spell

2. It also seems like it counted as a monk wearing armour, in terms of violating the Martial Arts class feature.  It was using STR instead of Dex to calculate attacks and damage rolls, even with monk weapons. I don't think I was able to use the unarmed strike as a BA either.

Once I figured out what was wrong, I just had to LR so the duration of mage armour would elapse and it was fine again.