Modify equipment

Level 1
6 months ago

It would awesome if there was a way that you could go to a vendor and pay to have one item look like another item for your preference of appearance. For example if you want the added AC from the empresses chain garb on your sorcerer but didn't want to change the way that the sorcerers armor looked you could modify it or even bring the original in and pay to change the color from red to whatever your preference is. 

Level 13
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6 months ago

Your description reminds me of a description of the Glamour Studded Leather armor, it's a +1 studded leather armor that can take on the appearance of any armor from clothing to fullplate armor, it hasn't been implemented in Solasta but this item or your idea is nice for customization, especially with the base look of the new classes introduced in the latest DLC.

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