Misty Step in Ruined Tower not working

2 years ago

I am trying to reach *That chest in Ruined Tower near the spider ambush and I have every Level 2 and below type of movement spell and nothing works to get me over to that chest. Mostly due to the fact that every spell is one tile short (range-wise) of being able to reach the spot where I don't fall through the floor and die. From what I see Misty Step, as of a month ago, is working for at least some people and they are able to reach one space further than I can which makes no sense. The video posted here on the forums from youtube has a gent landing just beside the books, I can make it as far as the space just before that and fall right through the open gap and die. I have feather fall etc. Am I doing something wrong? Or might I be bugged? I am at a loss. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Level 14
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2 years ago

Youtube has a function to link to a specific time : here it is at 10:08
( how : click Share, notice the tiny box Start at x )


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2 years ago

If you have trouble getting it to work with misty step, you can burn 3 level 2's to get past any of the spots like that in the game.  First cast levitate, then do a misty step into the center of the pit (levitate prevents falling to death), then misty step onto the ground and cancel your levitate.