Missing text in tower (after broods, ground floor)

Level 9
2 years ago

Build: 0.4.21 Public

On the ground floor of the tower are four statues.  One you can interact with, but it has a couple of bugs.

1) If you hover over it, a help text appears above the selected character portrait that says "Click to open/close this door."  (It doesn't look like a door!)

2) If you click on the statue, you get floating text that says: "Narration/&Banter_Abjuration_Wizard_Tower_Observable_17

On the same ground floor, opposite corner from the statue, there's a book on a table that you can interact with.

The book has both of the same problems, but the click text ends with _16 (instead of _17).  And again, probably not a door.

Level 13
2 years ago

Same issue.

2 years ago