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1 week ago

1. Under Settings > Game is "Display banter text above characters". It's actually displayed below characters. How about just "Display banter text"?

2. In combat, I wish you would better highlight the currently active character, and the character being aimed at. Please be aware than old people have particular trouble seeing fine lines. It is damned annoying to have to repeatedly look back and forth along the row of character tiles trying to spot which one is highlighted.

3. Under Settings > Game is "Faster travel on world map". Be aware that this sentence is ambiguous. Does it make the characters move faster, or does it just make the pixels on my computer screen move faster? The choice between character and its on-screen representation is easily subject to ambiguity. All your text writers should be explicitly aware of this issue.

4. Spell details should include which type of spell it is (cleric, wizard, etc.). At moment I have to move scrolls around and right click on them every time, unsure which character to give them to. annoying.

5. I find it weird and somewhat jarring that the usual screen we're on doesn't display the game time. I often go to long rest with absolutely no idea how long it's been since the last long rest. Should have an in-game clock to track days, to remind of passing of time. Would give a sense of urgency and accomplishment. The vacuum of any connection to time is unsettling.

6. Firing magical arrow at Unknown Creature at the travelers' camp 'random' encounter soon after meeting Kythaela. Target did uncanny dodge, so the arrow missed, so he took no basic arrow damage, but he still took the magical additional damage. I've also seen the extra damage incorrectly apply when blocking an acid arrow fired at one of my party.

7. I found a staff that was initially entitled "Quarterstaff +2". Identify ritual said it was a "Superb Quarterstaff". I belief those two names have been transposed.

8. When I was crafting lightbringer greatsword, when I looked in Crafting to see how it was going, all 18 blue dots were lit, and the text said "Remaining ability check successes 19/18. At least -1 more hour(s)..." Some more playing, and next I checked it was 22/18, -4 hours to go.

9. When generating a new character, using "Auto" to pick ancestry skills, class skill, languages, the software doesn't tell me what skills/lgges were chosen. I can work out what skills by memorizing the entire chart before and after auto, to see what changed, but I can't even use that terrible method with languages. The chosen skills/lgges need to be displayed somewhere (I suggest in the rightmost panel, in each of the subboxes for each selection).

10. In first mission, Caer Lem, when attacked by those flying snake thingies, my characters were unable to walk into the square uncovered when the crate was pushed to let party jump over where the first trap was. Couldn't move into it after combat either. You need to 'clear' the square after moving the crate. Also, I shot and killed a flying thingy when it was above one of the traps. Its body fell, triggered the trap, then fell the rest of the way to the ground. The loot it dropped was left hovering where the trap surface had been (i.e. in midair now). There was no way I could pick up the loot.

11. When find first set of magic leather armor, if put it on without identifying it, the character portrait keeps showing what he/she looked like with old armor on. seems to require identify to change appearance. Did some armor trying on with other characters, then when came back to original character, putting it on changed their look now.

12. When a monster is attacking a dying party member, the graphics shows the attack but it looks like it misses. I only knew the attack hit because I noticed it in the hit log and saw the character had a skull added to his recovery panel on his portrait.

130. Doing the Honor Your Masters side quest, it is damned hard to look up to see where the tower is. Camera is restricted to looking downward. Very frustrating.

14. Can't attune an item after a long rest. If can do it after a short, surely can after a long.

15. Would be very nice if scrolls said on them: "Usable by [list of character names who can use it], so we don't have to move scrolls from character to character to find out the slow way.

16. Potion of Greater Healing equipped by couldn't be drunk when it hadn't been identified. Should be able to drink it (esp if party has no wizard, much harder to identify potions then). Can drink other potions, so obviously mouth works. Is the magic of potions disabled if you don't know what it does? (I don't think so, isn't some sort of super-placebo).

17. Get told to go get a Sorak's head. Go to quest board get quest "Sorak Relic". Go to Caer Lem, kill the 2 soraks by the long-rest campfire. Why can't I take either of their heads? (I suggest you change the hidden soraks to a different monster (and have a sorak artifact hidden in the new monster's den under the shelf (same place as it is now).

18. Went to gobbo cave as part of "Goblin Culture" quest. Charmed one of the big buggers. Fought the battle, killed all the enemy, just leaving the charmed guy. Except the moment the last non-charmed enemy died, the screen announced "Victory", gave me XP etc. The charmed guy disappeared. Why didn't I get a chance to fight him?

19. When do "Reorder" for inventory, it should top up your quivers.

Level 8
1 week ago

#17, yep the "Get told to go get a Sorak's head" mission bugs me, the party already had dead soraks heads at their disposal.  it reminds me of the army: "dig a hole, ok fill it in, now dig it again"

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