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Hello Tactical Adventures Team and fellow Forumites

I've been enjoying Solasta immensely and would like to share some suggestions based on the SRD for races, classes, and to a much lesser extent backgrounds. I've been a GM of 5e for a bit over 4-5 years now, and a D&D player for much longer than that, though 5e has been the edition I've been most invested in, hence this thread for a game that aims to closely reproduce its mechanics in video game format. Whenever stats are discussed, most if not all of these suggestions assume a Default Array or Point Buy option at character creation (leaning more towards DA), so keep that in mind when reading.

I also assume that features work as described, whether they are currently bugged, or not. I haven't played through as every class, but using the wiki as reference, I'll suggest changes if necessary based on similar features, other classes, and to a much lesser extent the core rulebooks.

Without further ado, my suggestions on races:

1. Humans: While default humans are the option included within the SRD, they are weak compared to the rest of the offerings. No darkvision means bringing a human along in your party is an active liability, especially with the lighting modifications. In spite of their stat bonuses being quite strong, especially for rollers and point buyers (Though not as good for DA players), there are no other redeeming features for the race. My suggestion would be to design a more viable homebrew sub-race of humans for those players that love playing them, and this sub-race does not have to resemble the PHB's Variant Human. I provide an example of a useful original homebrewed sub-race below:

Heroic Ancestry:

You are descended of ancient Tirmerian kings and heroes, their legendary blood infusing you with prodigious prowess.

Ability Score Increase: +1 to three ability scores of your choice.

Fighting Style: Choose a fighting style available to the fighter class.

Heroic Bloodline: You have access to a 1st level spell from the Paladin spell list. You may cast this spell once using this feature, and must finish a long rest before you can do so again. At 5th level you can use this feature twice between long rests. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for this spell. 

2. Halflings: Both Halfling sub-race features feel weaker than other offerings. Since the Lightfoot Halfling is in the SRD, other than Lore reasons it's unclear why it wasn't used, especially since adapting the "Naturally Stealthy" feature to PC would be something along the lines of "you have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks", which, in light of the Stealth system in the game, could be very useful and much less situational than having advantage on Acrobatics, as is the case of Island Halflings. My suggestion is to implement the Lightfoot halfling (unless otherwise prevented by Lore) as written in the SRD, and modifying "Naturally Stealthy" to give advantage to Stealth checks instead.

As for Marsh Halflings, I don't exactly know what the "Swamp" feature does other than making one type of terrain be treated as another, or giving this halfling a sort of limited "Natural Explorer" feature useful in that terrain, kind of what Green Mages get for Forests. In case of the latter, this feature needs some clarification in its writing to indicate what it is actually doing. In case of the former, then it is unclear what sort of benefit this grants to the character. My suggestion is to clarify what this feature actually does in the game. Otherwise, a needed change for the Marsh Halflings would be to give them a feature that makes them stand out. For example, something like:

Marsh AwarenessLife underneath the dense, dimly lit canopies that encompass the marshes near the Badlands has enhanced the sight of your kind to see even within the darkest of swamp pits. You have Superior Darkvision.

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Suggestions on Classes:

1.Cleric: The Homebrew Domains of the Cleric class in Solasta are quite interesting and have a ton of potential. I've taken the liberty to divide them into 4 categories based on what they do at the moment, and what I believe to be their intended roles. They are Caster, Tank, Saboteurand SupportCaster Domains focus on dealing spell attacks to the enemy. These are the Elemental, Sun, and Oblivion domains. Tank Domains are focused on holding the front lines either through healing or through spell buffs and features. The Life and Battle domains occupy this role. The Saboteur role is held solely by the Law domain as its features and spells mostly deal with disrupting the enemy as much as possible. Lastly, the Support role is assigned to the Insight domain as its features mostly give the player advantages in role playing and exploration scenarios.

Let's begin by examining the Casters

a. The Elemental Domains: These domains present themselves as three different domains all of which share the same spell list, but also have different features and channel divinity options. My suggestion would be to integrate all of these different Elemental Domains into a single Domain, with the same spell list, and allow the player to make the choices of their Bonus Cantrip and Primordial Harmony, similar to how fighters pick their Fighting Style at 1st level. Players should also be able to select their Channel Divinity option from among the ones offered in the separate domains.

So, for example, a 1st level cleric can pick his/her Bonus Cantrip, from 3 available choices: Fire Bolt, Shocking Grasp, or Ray of Frost. Next, s/he could pick the resistance s/he would like to have for the Elemental Domain's Primal Harmony feature: Fire, Lightning, or Cold. So a combination such as Shocking Grasp and Fire resistance is possible. I believe this cleric ought to be able to decide how best to serve his deity, and this domain will shine because of its flexibility. Upon reaching 2nd level, the player then gets an option to choose between the 3 Channel Divinity options available.

As for the 6th level feature, Scholar of the Elements, we should consider tuning it somewhat, mostly because it does 2 very strong things: 1) it negates damage and 2) heals the cleric, making it absolutely busted whenever it can be used. Denying an enemy of fireball / scorching ray damage and healing off of it is beyond S tier is terms of features, even if it has limited usability. Not even a similar lvl 6 PHB feature, the Nature Cleric's "Dampen Elements" compares, even though it can be used every round and on other creatures, or a spell such as "Absorb Elements" which allows you to deal a d6 of the elemental damage absorbed on your next attack. My suggestion is that there needs to be a limitation as to how many times it can be used (I believe a number of times equal to WIS modifier or Proficiency Bonus per Long Rest to be appropriate). Alternatively, it can be tied to a use of Channel Divinity. The element that applies to this feature can be the same the player chose for his/her Primordial Harmony.

b. Sun Domain: This domain focuses on dealing Radiant and Fire damage, and it starts off with a great feature in Holy Radiance, but I think its other features can be fine tuned somewhat. My suggestion would be to make its Bonus Cantrip Dancing Lights, instead of Light, as the cleric already has access to Light, and having Dancing Lights available to a non wizard, non high elf could be an appealing option to have.

I believe the spells that were changed so that the Sun Domain isn't just "copycat" Light Domain from the PHB hurt its flavor and efficiency instead of building on the idea of a radiant / fire damage dealer.  My suggestion would be to change the "Darkvision" and "Hypnotic Pattern" spells from the domain list to "Flaming Sphere" and "Fireball" respectively. Since the game is being designed around characters reaching level 10, you could easily change the level 4 and 5 domain spells to more openly differentiate it from the PHB. Assuming we're using the Light Domain's spell list as inspiration, I recommend implementing "Banishment" as one of its 4th level spells and "Dispel Evil and Good" as one of its 5th level ones (leaving "Wall of Fire" and "Flame Strike" as the other options).

The Sun Domain's Channel Divinity option, "Herald of the Sun" is fine thematically, and I believe pretty strong mechanically. The other CD option, "Indomitable Light" is also a cheap and readily available source of Sunlight, and light in general, which is fantastic. "Soothing Hand", however, feels out of place and not in line with the Cleric's SRD level progression - at level 6, you're supposed to get a second use of CD, and one Divine Domain feature. Since you are already giving the Sun cleric a new use of their Channel Divinity, my suggestion would be to remove Soothing Hand, or give it to the cleric as its level 8 feature, though as this is a damage dealing Domain, its level 8 feature should be "Potent Cantrip" (a feature from the Evocation Wizard). 

c. Oblivion: A caster domain focused on dealing Necrotic damage. The Bonus Cantrip they get is Chill Touch, which is both, thematic and useful. Their first feature, Gate Keeper is decent, though situational. The Domain Spell list feature spells that, again are both thematic and in line with what this domain aims to do - deal necrotic damage and debilitate enemies. That leads us to its first Channel Divinity option, Herald of Pain. For some reason, this reminds me of the Diablo 2's Necromancer ability, "Poison Nova", but references aside, this option needs some tuning. My suggestion  would be to make its damage 2d8 + Cleric level Necrotic damage on a failed save (or half as much on a successful one) and specify that enemies are poisoned until the end of the cleric's next turn (or not at all if they succeeded on the save).

I can see the Peaceful Rest feature being exceptionally useful if the Long Rest mechanics are further refined to include an increasing chance of being ambushed if taken inside a dungeon. And finally, Strike of Oblivion is a powerful feature, but only if it can also be applied to spell attacks. My suggestion is to change Strike of Oblivion into this domain's level 8 feature, and I would also tweak it to work as follows: 

Strike of Oblivion: When you hit with a spell attack on your turn, you deal an additional 1d8 Necrotic damage. You can only deal this additional damage once on your turn. 

As part of this same suggestion, I would add another Channel Divinity option for level 6. Here's an example:

Facsimile of Life: At 6th level, you may use your Channel Divinity to give up to 6 allies (including you) that you can see an amount of Temporary Hit points equal to 1d4 + your cleric level. These hit points last for 1 minute. As long as a creature has these hit points, it also gains resistance to necrotic damage.

Next let's take a look at the Tanks:

d. Battle: [WIP] 

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