"Might of the Iron Legion" doesn't grant heavy armor proficiency

Level 5
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2 years ago

Had a Law Domain cleric who had a negative DEX modifier. After reaching level 4, I had him gain the feat "Might of the Iron Legion" which is supposed to give some weapon proficiencies - which it did - in addition to heavy armor proficiency. I was in the middle of the Dark Tower when I leveled up so I only noticed that I didn't get the proficiency when I eventually stumbled upon some lootable chain mail. Since the heavy armor proficiency is arguably the biggest draw of the feat, this should probably get fixed.

Level 6
2 years ago

Maybe I missed something but don't all fighters and paladins have all those proficiencies by default..? So really it's only there for Rogues that don't want to stealth.

Level 1
1 year ago

I ran into the same issue yesterday, v.0.4.21 - Public

Level 13
1 year ago

they should code it so that it des not even present as an option, for an ineligible class.