Memory Leak?

Level 14
10 months ago (edited)

1.3.47 All DLCs; Windows 10; Steam; Playing Lost Valley; Single player

I am getting a full system lockout (along with horrible audio noise) while playing - nothing short of power cycling the computer works. I suspect it's a memory leak, because nothing else should be able to full-lock a system. This has been going on since at least May 1 at least, but I can't get more exact on the timing. I can do other things on the computer for extended periods without a crash. I tried disabling all mods; same problem. Verified game integrity through Steam, same problem.

I will try the 1.3.48 beta and see what happens.

Any other people having this problem or should I start looking for computer issues?

[edit] I would still like to hear if anyone else with a similar system has problems, but it looks like mods. I had to fully remove, not just disable to get things to work.