Maze door couldn't be opened during combat

7 months ago

In the Dark Castle, the cell with the ghost, one of my characters entered the cell by crawling through the hole, then he triggered the ghost battle. My other 3 characters were locked outside the cell.

1) my first guy in the cell tried to flee by leaving the room the way he'd come in (crawling thru the hole). The software didn't allow that. Nor would it allow any of my other 3 characters to enter the room thru the hole.

2) My poor cell guy ran onto the lockstone, hoping it would open the cell door to let the rest of the party in. The lock stone did not activate.

3) Fortunately for my party, my fighter run up to the cell wall and hit the ghost thru the bars. You shouldn't allow normal combat thru the bars. At the least, it should be disadvantaged if you allow it at all. My other characters could shoot bows through the cell bars too, without disadvantage or the ghost getting partial cover AC+2.

As soon as the battle was over, standing on the lock stone opened the door. 

While I'm writing about the maze, for goodness sake stop characters running over the top of grills -- and potentially taking damage -- once they know the grills are often trapped and there are easy, open paths around the edges of the grills. 

Level 13
7 months ago

The main problem is that crawling through holes is disabled during combat. That can really fuck up the game in certain situations. They should allow crawling during combat.

Level 1
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7 months ago

Items - Could not get wand of lightning to attune, also wand of magic missiles wouldn't recharge at dawn.
Spells - it doesn't appear to be adding the +1d4/-1d4 from Bless and Bane.

Evil Triumphs when good folk do nothing. Also... Your toast is burnt and no amount of scraping with remove the darkness.

Level 5
7 months ago

Confirmed. Crawling between rooms remains disabled during combat. A fix for this needs to be implemented.

Level 7
7 months ago

I would love a way to disengage and end combat entirely. I wanted to get away from the skeletons at the keep by using a transition but the damned thing was disabled. Sometimes you don't want to fight these things, but the game won't let you get away.