[March Contest] Design a Magic Weapon!

Level 3
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11 months ago (edited)

Made a Greatsword - Parable (wanted to name Equalizer but that is BG2):

- for true neutral characters

- oversized Zweihander, 2x crossguard

- extending from 2nd crossguard - Heaven Blade (white glow), infused with and gathered from stabbing absolute good goddess who did this willingly + Hell Blade (black mist), infused with and gathered from stabbing absolute evil god who did this willingly in exchange for the stabbers life

- does neutral-aligned damage against non-neutral enemies (1x per axis) based on characters Wisdom but only to what his Intelligence allows for (double requirement)

- can be charged, Heaven Blade + Hell Blade meet; when charged: does double neutral-aligned damage, damage is lethal / non-healable, breaks alignment-based weapons that are non-neutral on both axis, greys out area around it causing a small chance of spell failure for anyone of non-neutral alignment (1x per axis)

- has no weight and thus no penalty for being oversized, has no damage bonus from strength, can only be picked up by true neutral characters

- does no damage to true neutral aligned enemies, instead goes right through them, opening up an attack of opportunity as if attacking barehanded without the Improved Unarmed Strike Perk

- made of Orichalcum from Heaven, gold-colored with rainbow arteries forming circular patterns + Hellsteel, black-colored with dark red cracks, handle wrapped around with grey leather from powerful neutral beast, handle between crossguards wrapped around with grey FUR from same powerful neutral beast

Level 1
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11 months ago

Hoping that my spear allows for some feral gremlin representation.

11 months ago

The Dragon's Fury Dagger is what legends are made of.

Dietu You're going to die too!

Level 5
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11 months ago

I hope you enjoy Slither

11 months ago

Done and done, I look forward to fighting with Circadian Light!

11 months ago (edited)

I just submitted my double bladed staff, which unknowingly I called Razor Leaf, then found out a pokemon is named that, so if you like you can call it Shining Leaves.

Tony Akino

11 months ago

Submitted a morningstar that consists of an undead sea urchin fused with a rusted chain and shaft... Let's see what happens! XD 

Lady Sundae

Level 1
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11 months ago

Just submitted a quarterstaff called Isarm. Be sure to enjoy its freezing touch on your enemies and protection from the cold.

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11 months ago

Well, doing my best impression of Indiana Jones sliding under the closing door, I've just submitted my design for Corvid's Roost: a magic glaive for those adventurers who understand that my badge says Lawful Good, not Lawful Nice.

Almost certainly, I should be somewhere else.

11 months ago

I submitted my magic item.  I wish I could have submitted more!  I have so many magic item ideas, it's crazy!