[March Contest] Design a Magic Weapon!

Level 3
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3 years ago (edited)

Made a Greatsword - Parable (wanted to name Equalizer but that is BG2):

- for true neutral characters

- oversized Zweihander, 2x crossguard

- extending from 2nd crossguard - Heaven Blade (white glow), infused with and gathered from stabbing absolute good goddess who did this willingly + Hell Blade (black mist), infused with and gathered from stabbing absolute evil god who did this willingly in exchange for the stabbers life

- does neutral-aligned damage against non-neutral enemies (1x per axis) based on characters Wisdom but only to what his Intelligence allows for (double requirement)

- can be charged, Heaven Blade + Hell Blade meet; when charged: does double neutral-aligned damage, damage is lethal / non-healable, breaks alignment-based weapons that are non-neutral on both axis, greys out area around it causing a small chance of spell failure for anyone of non-neutral alignment (1x per axis)

- has no weight and thus no penalty for being oversized, has no damage bonus from strength, can only be picked up by true neutral characters

- does no damage to true neutral aligned enemies, instead goes right through them, opening up an attack of opportunity as if attacking barehanded without the Improved Unarmed Strike Perk

- made of Orichalcum from Heaven, gold-colored with rainbow arteries forming circular patterns + Hellsteel, black-colored with dark red cracks, handle wrapped around with grey leather from powerful neutral beast, handle between crossguards wrapped around with grey FUR from same powerful neutral beast

Level 1
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3 years ago

Hoping that my spear allows for some feral gremlin representation.

3 years ago

The Dragon's Fury Dagger is what legends are made of.

Dietu You're going to die too!

Level 5
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3 years ago

I hope you enjoy Slither

3 years ago

Done and done, I look forward to fighting with Circadian Light!

3 years ago (edited)

I just submitted my double bladed staff, which unknowingly I called Razor Leaf, then found out a pokemon is named that, so if you like you can call it Shining Leaves.

Tony Akino

3 years ago

Submitted a morningstar that consists of an undead sea urchin fused with a rusted chain and shaft... Let's see what happens! XD 

Lady Sundae

Level 1
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3 years ago

Just submitted a quarterstaff called Isarm. Be sure to enjoy its freezing touch on your enemies and protection from the cold.

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3 years ago

Well, doing my best impression of Indiana Jones sliding under the closing door, I've just submitted my design for Corvid's Roost: a magic glaive for those adventurers who understand that my badge says Lawful Good, not Lawful Nice.

Almost certainly, I should be somewhere else.

3 years ago

I submitted my magic item.  I wish I could have submitted more!  I have so many magic item ideas, it's crazy!