[March Contest] Design a Magic Weapon!

Tactical Myzzrym
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Tactical Adventures Dev
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2 months ago (edited)

Hey there folks,

Two months ago, you designed a Mayor for Caer Cyflen. One month ago, you've voted for a new Monster to be added to Solasta. And now.. It is time for you to design a Magic Weapon that all future adventurers will be able to find in their quest for mighty loot to save the world! As with the Mayor Contest, we will be selecting our favorites and holding a community vote when the submission period is over.

Contest Rules

  1. Submissions have to be done through the official form: https://forms.gle/4cvAV4VcbJQJVvJr8
  2. Submissions end on Monday, March 30th, 11:59pm PST
  3. Anyone with a Forum Account may participate in the contest. 
  4. One submission per person.
  5. Discussions & questions about the contest will take place in this thread
  6. Please keep your submission Safe for Work. Nothing 18+ (writing included)
  7. Must not contain copyrighted material
  8. From March 31st to April 6th, the voting phase will take place. We will select a few of our favorite Weapon Designs, and the community will vote for the final winner!
  9. The winner will have his weapon implemented in-game and be credited as its designer in the Credits
  10. All of those who wrote a valid submission will also receive a Forum Trophy for their participation to the contest
  11. Necessary disclaimer: We reserve the right to alter submissions or work with their author to fit our design and specifications. You can read the full legal document here (roll Investigation DC15).
Level 2
2 months ago

This is an amazing idea! I'll sadly have to give up one of my more prized ideas for magical items but, it's damn well worth it! Excited to see who wins. And I hope we might be allowed a Wisdom (Insight) check to see what others have made. Once the contest is over of course! 


Level 4
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2 months ago

I hope you like Targa's binding bite! I had plenty of fun designing it ^^ I'm n sure it would make for a fun addition.

I'm a roleplaying and worldbuilding enthusiast who appreciates the weird and wonderful.

2 months ago

Hope you like Borgnar's Battleaxe.

Borgnar was my first DnD char and stil #1 om my heart!

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2 months ago

Lots of fun designing the Efreet Scimitar. Good luck to everyone!

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2 months ago

Gold's Bane was one of the first magic items I ever homebrewed, the person who ended up using it was a Firbolg Rogue with a godly Dex.

I'm excited to see what others have made ^ - ^.

2 months ago

Had fun working on Resolve, hope you all like it ^^

Level 4
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2 months ago

It is a very good idea for a contest!

Quoi que tu dises, quoi que tu fasses...

2 months ago

I hope some ranger out there enjoys my elven crafted scimitar, Natures wrath has a nasty surprise for nature's enemies, one wound is all it takes to attract the forests cute fluffy denizens they will swarm the hapless for with tooth and claw and Beak. Enjoy and good luck all.

Evil Triumphs when good folk do nothing. Also... Your toast is burnt and no amount of scraping with remove the darkness.

Level 6
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2 months ago

Bullmark. For extra kicks.

Good luck to everyone. :)

Lupus Vulpes
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2 months ago

I had fun designing the longbow Lightbringer.
Good luck to everyone!

2 months ago

Finally my mythical javelin could see the light in the world of Solasta ... A weapon in my opinion very underestimated in fantasy.

Level 3
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2 months ago

Finally finished an OG item I made for my solo D&D campaign. Tons of lore behind it, special quests. So if you need more info let me know. Definitely powerful, and I would be very curious how the devs actually implement it into the game. Would require some small animations. But would be SO cool. I at least hope the devs enjoy reading about it! <3

Be blessed, Vinx

Level 3
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2 months ago

Awesome idea! Sent :)

I love clerics, hint :p

Level 1
2 months ago

I have submitted my battleaxe, too. My favorite weapons are long sword, battleaxe, and war hammer. So if you have too many battleaxes, feel free to change mine to something else. ūüėé

Game on!

2 months ago

Amelie's Refusal has been submitted. Wrote a short ballad for it, if anyone cares to read.