[MAPPING CONTEST] CODM 4th edition ! - 1 Key for the Next DLC + bundle.pdf to win

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9 months ago

Hey there,
The 4th edition of the mapping contest is up until October 2.
1 Key for the Next DLC to Win + 5 bundle containing Solasta sourcebook + map + 1 scenario
(all printable for tabletop sessions) Thanks to Tactical Adventures & Myzzrym.

To take part :
1 - Download the campaign required on https://solasta.old.mod.io/codm-4-mapping-contest
2 - Create your adventure in it (between 1 to 3 Small 50x50 maps only.)
3 - Use The main Theme "Unbeatable Apocalypse" + a secondary theme of your choice
4 - Submit before October 2 at bit.ly/codm4submit (1 submission only. Take care to playtest well engouh.)
All ruleset in-game and in mod.io campaign description.

Good luck and Have fun everyone !

Important : Be warn that I won't answer questions in here, (well I'll probably forget to check the forum and there will be a huge delay before the answer..)
If you have questions about anything contact me on official solasta discord either in Pm or room #dm_tool_chat where you can also reach other creators for anything. Thank you for understanding.

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