Manacalon Ruins, problem with Archeological Note

Level 9
3 weeks ago (edited)

In-game lore notes about a statue of an emperor of Manacalon, and gives the name as Lerithir Imradir. This is a pre-Cataclysm site.

This statue is in a classic pose used for Emperors. An inscription names Lerithir Imradir.

But in Lore Chronicles: The Eastern Realms, we learn:

Alone of all the Imperial governors, Lerithir Imradir managed to keep control of his province in the wake of the Cataclysm. He crowned himself the first Emperor of the New Empire, vowing that he and his successors would reconquer the lost provinces and establish a new Imperial age.

Was he the same last emperor of Manacalon, then the first of the the New Empire? Did he escape the cataclysm, unlike the ruins where his statues were erected?

I'm confused.

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