Majestic Cloaks

Lawful Tired
Level 2
1 week ago

I don't know if this has been suggested already or addressed previously (I searched "cloak" and found nothing about this particular topic), but if I equip a cloak I'd love to see it on the character models.

I know that this game is made by a small studio and cloaks probably are difficult. But if I spend the hard-won gold on a Cloak of Protection for my wizard (or if I earn enough for that sweet Cloak of Arachnida), I wanna see it, godsdarnit.

Level 5
3 days ago

+1 (cloak rendering In SCL was hard to program it seems, capes would flow backwards ect.)

would love to see this especially for the elvenkind and the boots too

Level 10
2 days ago

One of the armors has a cape, so does one of the robes.  Should be feasible.

Level 11
2 days ago

I concur. I would also like items like Gauntlets of Ogre Strength to be visible on my character when they don't have other gloves, like on the half-plate armors.

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