Magnificent loot suggestion

Level 3
Wishing Well Barbarian
2 years ago

Good day, guys!
I noticed that it is sometimes difficult to deal with my equipment. I mean, at high levels, ordinary equipment is no longer of interest and it would be convenient if the newly matched loot with the magnificent property was marked or highlighted. Perhaps for such things it would be great to highlight the outline of the subject with a bold white or otherwise.

Secondly, I propose to hide the properties of the item completely, such as +2 to attack bonus until it is recognized by the spell. This will increase the usefulness of the identify spell and create a little intrigue.

2 years ago

That's what the Detect Magic spell is for. When you cast Detect Magic, any unidentified magic items get the "shiny" overlay like the potions at the top left of the inventory in your screenshot. They also get a question mark overlay that show you that the item has unknown magical effects that will be revealed by Identify.