Magic throwing daggers

Level 9
2 months ago

I threw my +1 dagger at someone for science. It disappeared from the game. If you are going to be allowed to throw magic daggers I suggest several fixes.

1) Make them all returning so you don't lose them at all. It's what I do in P&P games

2) Make damn sure they turn up as a drop on the target. Fiddly. 

3) Don't allow them to be thrown (boo!)

Level 7
2 months ago

1) Thrown items are currently bugged. In some cases you can even retrieve arrows/bolts that didn't break on impact with a creature, another 5 javelins even though you only threw 1, etc.

2) they just need to make sure the location of the thrown dagger is consistent and if it damaged the enemy, that it pops up in their loot. Returning daggers are a convenience.