Mage Armor spell ends when reduced to zero hit points

1 year ago

Version 1.3.44
Where: Ruined Tower - Library map (but can happen at any location)
How: Mage Armor (and extended spell metamagic), was reduced to zero hit points by a phase spider (but can happen from any attack/creature, and doesn't require the metamagic either for the spell to end)
Who: Half-Elf Sorcerer (Mana Painter) level 3. (but can happen to any class that utilises Mage Armor spell)
Save: Brand New (same version throughout)
Multiplayer?: Yes

The Issue: When you are reduced to zero hit points, Mage Armor ends... It shouldn't. It's not concentration, and it doesn't require you to be conscious to work, it just requires you to be a creature (and a dying/unconscious creature, is still a creature). I hope this isn't an issue with any other spells, but already this has ruined my experience of the game, as it makes a critical spell (and by extension all classes that use it; wizard, sorcerer) nearly unplayable as they now have massively reduced Armor Class.