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2 years ago

Small points
1. When travelling, on the large scale map you should use an icon of 4 people rather than 3. Why cause the player pointless anxiety over a lost character?
2. Random encounters. My rogue has feat Acute Senses so he can’t be surprised, so travel random encounters often have him as “Spotter” and the rest of the party as “Aware”. But sometimes when combat starts and everyone in my party tries to shoot the distant enemies, all four of us are told “Can’t see.” If I’ve spotted the enemy on the large scale map, the encounter battle should start on the small scale map with my party within sight of the enemy.
3. Random encounter, when I have surprise, the battle sometimes starts with my party around the campfire overlooked by baddies in the wooden tower just a few squares to the SSE. When I have surprise, it should be my party who has people up the tower, not the baddies.
4. Basic Poison: I picked up a “Basic Poison” potion (looks like a gourd). Its description reads “Drink 2d4+2 healing”, which is incorrect for a poison.
5. In the magical library, there’s an alcove on the southern wall that contains a lootable chest. I cast “Fly” on a character, but got the “no path” error when trying to fly to the chest. He easily flew to the other nearby chest standing on its own column much lower inside the library proper, so why couldn’t he fly across to the alcove’s same level chest? Upon further testing, there were many places within the library itself that my flying character couldn’t reach when it looked visibly very easy. I even had him standing on a square trying to fly to a square two squares away on the same level, and was getting the “no path” error. I sent one of my non-flying characters to the same square, and he had no problem at all going from one to the other (there was a tiny jump involved, about half a square wide). This same flying bug exists in multiple places inside the library, whenever there is even a tiny jump required. As soon as the fly spell expired, my ex-flier had no trouble rejoining the rest of the party. Flying needs some corrective work.
6. My cleric crafted a Potion of Greater Healing. Once the crafting was finished and it was in his inventory, it showed as being unidentified. I had to use Identify on it.
7. When selling stuff, the “You Sell” box 80% obscures the last row of the character’s inventory.
8. Magic Missile wands don’t recharge at dawn, as their text implies. (And I have doubts that MM damage rolls are random. I had a crazy number of repeated low rolls -- nearly all 2's, or repeated high rolls -- nearly all 5's.)
9. I never got offered the option of attuning a wand of lightning bolts or ring of protection +1. Only offered attunement was wand of magic missiles.
10. Doomblade Rapier. The left-alt text doesn’t say what it does, even after using Identify ritual. I’m suspicious that its user has the same To Hit and Damage bonuses with the Doomblade as with the ordinary rapier he had before it, implying the Doomblade has no bonuses at all (although it seemed to get +2 damage -- "bleeding" -- in combat).
11. After getting my party of newly created custom characters to level 5, I went back to the main menu and clicked the “Characters” option. My characters all showed as level 1 in the selectable list of characters, and also when selected and individually “Inspect”ed. If that’s intentional (perhaps so the characters can be replayed from the beginning), please say so on-screen, and provide a way for inspecting the characters at their current level (I'm aware that might be problematic if you allow the same base character to be run multiple times.)
12. When I've played D&D, scrolls are usable by everyone, provided they can read. In your game, scrolls can only be used by characters who can cast that spell.

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2 years ago

11) That has been mentioned as intentional. You can level up infinitely on the main screen, but the campaign starts you at level one.
It's to make it easier to level for later campaigns.

12) I was wrong on this one as well, and I run six 5E D&D games a week, and have played every edition. You can only use a spell scroll if it's on your classes spell list according to the SRD and 5E rules.


A spell scroll bears the words of a single spell, written in a mystical cipher. If the spell is on your class’s spell list, you can read the scroll and cast its spell without providing any material components. Otherwise, the scroll is unintelligible. Casting the spell by reading the scroll requires the spell’s normal casting time. Once the spell is cast, the words on the scroll fade, and it crumbles to dust. If the casting is interrupted, the scroll is not lost.

If the spell is on your class’s spell list but of a higher level than you can normally cast, you must make an ability check using your spellcasting ability to determine whether you cast it successfully. The DC equals 10 + the spell’s level. On a failed check, the spell disappears from the scroll with no other effect.


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2 years ago

Just to add to the excellent OP:

13) Not sure if it is bug or not but the spell required to craft a spell scroll is not always the spell that is created. (Jump for a fog cloud spell, for example). This means that wizards can create scrolls that they can then scribe into their spellbook.

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