Lost Valley Wizard Lair How do you enter (trying not to spoil too much)

1 month ago

Hello folks,

First off, please release a better version of the forum search. I tried several versions of how do you enter the lost valley wizard lair and hundreds of wrong information threads and posts came up from months ago and even a year ago. Being able to search even "wizard lair" to specify wizard lair instead of wizard tower (in crown of the magister) would greatly help. 

Secondly, you folks are awesome. You have created a product which, along with player mods too, I have grown to love and wholeheartedly support as much as I can.

Lastly, on to the point lol... I won't say where but I have found the strange key in the room near the crossroads in the "complex" which the quest giver "says" houses the Wizard Lair but the room with the key has an exit that leads out to the main map not the Lair and so I am guessing the key is supposed to be used in the Crossroads BUT the key doesn't work there (I did open the treasure box room so maybe the key was used there) but if the Crossroads door is actually the Wizard Lair door I have No idea how to get in. I have searched the entire "complex" and found nothing... using the ALT key to highlight and the map to see any possible treasures I may have missed and I still cannot find a key to that door. It says This door cannot be opened, as does the other complex door to the main hallway. 

So how do you enter the Wizard Lair? What am I missing?  I greatly appreciate any help.

1 month ago

ROFL! Okay, just so others don't make the same mistake I did... the quest giver mentions a certain type of enemy in the complex as I am calling it. There is a spot in the complex with said enemies without changing maps (not to big map just changing floors). 

That is Not the Wizard Lair. 

The Wizard Lair is in another section entirely. Without giving away spoilers... look where you have already been in the Complex for another quest.