[Lost Valley] Stuck character and neverending climbing animation

Master Darek
Level 3
1 year ago (edited)

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, I went to the Forge camp in the marsh, to look for the missing giants. I found the prisoner in his cell and started exploring around it.

On the left side of the building there's a wall that can be climbed. I clicked on it by mistake whereas I wanted, instead, to try and push the big stone block nearby.

My barbarian and sorcerer started to climb, so I clicked right away on the block for them to get down and push it, as I intended to in the first place.

My cleric pushed the stone block against the wall, where the sorcerer had just set a foot on the ground: she remained stuck inside of the block, with no way to get away, while the barbarian who was still getting down the wall finished his descent and then got stuck in his climbing animation forever.

I managed to solve the problem by using the quick move action, through the map to go to another location.

Not a very important issue, anyway. ;)

PS. I can't get my game version, sorry. Steam downloaded the new update (v1.3.53). So I guess my game version is the one right before this new one.