Lost Valley Ending?

Level 2
3 months ago

*Spoliers Ahead*

We just completed Lost Valley and the ending is really weird.   A Safe Passage says: Return to the Marches.  Go back to the Merchant Camp, then return to Cair Cyflen to report your findings.  Also note, we have The Cylindrical Prism that requires us to go to the merchant camp. Once we are inside the cave past the redeemers, we see on the map that Galar has the quest marker for A Safe Passage and Helia has the quest marker for Cylindrical Prism.

But there doesn't appear to be anyway to get to them.  When we try to zone to them, the game just ends with the cut scenes and exits.  We don't see a black screen or anything, but Solasta just goes to the main menu.

This seems buggy.  


Our group really enjoyed this campaign!!

Level 14
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3 months ago (edited)

A Safe Passage is normal : that is the final quest for all paths (all faction questlines). 

You are not supposed to get to them.  The exit from the Redeemer hoard cave is the end of the DLC. 

The cut scene should be an epilogue showing a bit of what happens in The Lost Valley after. 

The Cylindrical Prism is just a vestige from the Complex base area.  I also had that quirk in the log : to ignore.
I don't know why Helia would be related to this (minor bug).

Ps : I am not defending nor criticizing with the above info.  My opinion is that the DLC does have many quest issues and would benefit from some tweaking (read: I believe that minor changes could greatly improve the questlines/experience).

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Level 2
3 months ago

For the fun of it, we went back to the redeemers without the sceptre and killed them all before exiting.  This time, we got a brief cut scene without any of the faction information, and the game hung with the black screen other people mentioned.

I have to say this is really dropping the ball on the 1 yard line for what was otherwise a fun campaign.  Just a suck abrupt ending.

Level 2
1 week ago
Similar issue:  Grotto Exit brings me back out to the Merchant Campsite with no cutscene.  Galar has a quest ! above his head but interacting with him only brings up the shop menu.

I know the cutscene is literally the last thing so I'm right at the end of the game anyway, but not even getting that makes a lame end even more lame.  From comments in other forums, there may be issues when the game can't work out which faction you're supposed to be with.  I might go back to the map with the changeable banner and make sure it's displaying the banner for the faction I completed.  Other than that.........any ideas?