[Lost Valley] End of the game (spoilers)

Master Darek
Level 3
1 year ago (edited)


Thank you for your very good work, I really enjoyed the new extension. It was great, and appart from the story which is nice, I really liked the level designing, with all the small details and all. However, I was a bit disappointed with the end of the game that was a little... brusque.

I followed the Forge quest and went to the Palace to kill Orenetis. After a big fight that was not so hard (or maybe I was very lucky), there was no dialog or cinematic. I just had a quest message: "find the scepter" and that was it. I found it, and since nothing really happened, I though there was still something else to accomplish. So I left the Palace, won a few last fights against the last city guards and took a rest at the inn for my level up.

After that, I traveled back to the trading camp with my party. When I looked at the map, I saw all the ennemies in the caverns, standing between me and the exit. So my barbarian drank different potions, my casters prepared their best spells... to discover that there was nothing to do but walk to the other side of the map.

I know the scepter can "control the Queen" and that I had to retrieve it to walk freely and unharmed, but at that point I really though something bad was going to happen, like its magic is malfunctionning, or something like this, since I had no clue the game was kind of already over.

I suggest you finish the game after Orenetis is defeated, or "reunited" with Sitenero, maybe, with a short cinematic. Something like "Bravo, your party killed the BBEG, they find the scepter, which allows them to exit the valley" (or something better than that, actually :p). Because I see no real point in letting the players continue the adventure when the main quest is over and they have reached their goal. Yes, we could still argue and say there can be side quests, but well...

It's just my opinion! :D

Level 9
1 year ago

The scepter is not droppable, unfortunately, so if you picked it up or were given the scepter (Dominion-ending) you cannot fight the Redeemers even if you wanted to! I tried to get them mad with a fireball and they were unaffected so were happy to just let me pass through the swarm unharmed. A bit anti-climatic, I agree.

I was expecting to be betrayed just as I was surrounded by the Redeemers because I expected Orenetis or any Dominion-loyal survivors to want to prevent the outside world from knowing what was going-on in the valley. . . but nothing happened.