Lost Valley Campaign, Ultimate Threat Mission Bugged

10 months ago

During the Dominion Quest "Ultimate Threat", one of the objectives is to "Kill Hendeolas Anfarel" the other objective is to "Kill Ellaria Anfarel". I believe the issue is I already killed Ellaria Anfarel prior during the Forge Quest "Meeting the Rebellion" where I also discovered the Buried City location. Because of this when I am suppose to enter the main area of the Rebellion base during the Ultimate threat quest, where there is a Gate to go through there is a golden magical wall blocking any and all progress through it. When I've looked at guides to this quest it shows some guards there but no wall. This is putting my campaign at a total standstill as I can't progress the quest. Any ideas on how to remedy this?

9 months ago

I'm having this exact same issue too. Googling lead me here. 

4 months ago

The same problem. Is there a solution?