Loot - What have you found so far?

Level 4
4 years ago (edited)

Hi Everyone!

Mostly as a way to see if I've missed anything, I wanted to see if anyone found anything different than I have. So far, I've found the following magic items:

+1 Dagger
+1 Morningstar
+1 Longsword
+1 Shield
+1 Shortbow
Potion of Healing
Potion of (Hill) Giant Strength (which I need to try, I haven't used it yet!)
Fireball Scroll

Have you folks found anything not in the list above?

Level 5
2 years ago (edited)

Not including crafting, but including quests.

1.) Cloak of Displacement

2.) Cloak of Arachnida

3.) Braces of Sparkle

4.) Boots of Winterland

5.) 6 Ring of poison resistance...great since no character can benefit from them on my team.

6.) Ring of necro resistance

7.) +1 Longsword

8.) +1 Half Plate

9.) +1 Morning Star

10..) +1 Greatsword

11.)  *Story* Arwin Murtains Greatsword   (Will not turn it in tell I get a primed longsword, which I do not think is in the game).

12.) Ring of Ajuration

11.) Belt of Dwarven Kind

12) 3 Plus 1 Greatswords

14) 7 Primed Short Swords

15.) Primed items: everything except Longsword.

16.) Tome of Understanding... Bugged: Can not use.

Things I have bought or crafted:

1.) Belt of Giant Strength

2.) Bear Claw:  +1 Morning Star : Bonus 1D6 bludgeoning ontop of standard +1 Morning Star

3.) Empress of Garb Chain Shirt (15 Bonus: Not counted as armor, no penalty, unlimited dex). 

Biggest need: 1 Primed Long Sword. I believe it's bugged and not in the game. It's also missing from the vendor that sells primed.

Note: I would turn the magic drops on higher if I could. :-)

PS: If you hotfix any drops. Please make sure it won't break our saves and current equipped gear.