List of bugs I encountered in playthrough with screenshots

2 years ago

My rogue regularly wouldn't get the option to use dodge to reduce damage. Sometimes it would trigger on the second or third attack as an option. In this example, Hawk attacked first and didn't get the option to doge.

Conjure Elementals doesn't seem to work properly. Both conjure 1 and 2 elementals list the same CR, the conjure 4 elementals seem way stronger than either the 1 or 2 option. None of the options will follow you after the initial combat. Sometimes this will bug out when the summons aren't close enough to the combat, but it becomes their turn and they were left over from a combat 15 minutes ago. You also do not seem to be able to upcast conjure elementals.

Also, after having summoned creatures a handful of times, you'd think I would at least know what they are or have a basic understanding of their stats. The entire game I never learned what these were.


Razan has hunters mark on, but neither of the attacks are causing it to trigger from Shadow.

Pass without a trace is definitely not adding correctly. Seems like it is getting added twice?

My paladin kept having random equipment slotted in. It would unequip his primary weapon and sometimes give him two weapons that weren't even combatable. Sometimes this would take 3 turns to rectify and often required restarting and hoping I had a save right before the combat because all my gear was messed up.

I had instances where shield would not trigger for the first attack that would have allowed him to avoid damage from the same exact creature. Example here where a 7 was going to hit, but it didn't give me an option until the 11.

There were a couple of fights that were bugged. In this spider fight in the lava forest, the spiders refused to come out of the trees. My Paladin was worthless so the fight lasted forever with him just dodging and the spiders sometimes attacking, sometimes not. Went 23 rounds. Same thing ended up happening with the lava spiders. Also strange movement bugs like on the spider showing the square.


I realize Cataclysm difficulty should be hard, but rogues seem to be unfairly punished compared to the rest of the classes. I failed my stealth checks almost every round, even when I was in the 30's. Earth Elemental has eyes for days evidently. In the Monster Manual they have a passive perception of 10, so the difficulty was bumped to give them at least a +13 rather than their default +0. That's pretty ridiculously huge. If they didn't get proficiency, they have a wisdom of 36.

Banishment starts an endless loop. The battle should just end. Also gives you way too many chances to discover information about the creature.

Another Hunter's Mark bug. Keeps toggling on and off, even though the icon still say's it is there.

This bug was also a merchant evidently.

Ended up with 2 of the mother of all spiders in my fight.

The intelligence staff was not giving the bonus to my rolls.

After the council took the crown, one of my characters that was not attuned to it kept talking about how they could still feel it and clearly somehow ended up being the character associated with the crown attunement. Was strange.

There was some sort of crazy bug on this level where my character with spider climb boots kept getting blasted by Thor. Lightning would just come out of nowhere and kill her. No one else was affected. Couldn't have had a better conversation though.

Overall, one of the best games I've every played. Really enjoyed the faithful DND adaptation. Would love for more campaigns and classes. I'll have to check out the dungeon maker and see what I can put together. Not sure if you guys are looking for some free labor, but happy to lend my technical program management skills for a project in my free time to see something I love get even better.

Great stuff. Let me know if any of these were unclear and you need more details.