List of bugs for the spell "Aid"

Level 8
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1 year ago (edited)

So, I really like using "Aid" (2nd lvl cleric spell), however, there are a lot of bugs surrounding the spell, one that makes it better, but mostly bugs that make it worse.

Firstly the one that makes it better is, that the 8 hour duration does not decrease while traveling, or resting on the travel map, which means if you cast aid before travel, it will be active for the whole travel, all of its combats, and probably still have 7+ hours left when you arrive at your destination.

However, thats not really important, because a lot of other bugs make it way worse than it should be. There are multiple bugs that make you loose the extra hitpoints you gained (note: not the increase of max hp, only the current hp will be lost, so e.g. if you normally have 20/20hp and with aid go up to 25/25, these bugs bringg you down to 20/25). Things ive encountered so far that make you loose your hp are:

-Loading a game:
So far everytime I loaded a game where characters are buffed from aid, they loose the hitpoints it "healed" them by.

-Entering/Leaving Cautions mode:
 If I cast Aid and then enter or leave Cautious mode with any character, that character immediatly looses the 5hp provided by aid (but as stated above, his max. hp stays at the increased value)

-Changing Location:
This one is a bit bizarre, if I change location with the party everybody looses the extra hp (again not the max hp increase). However in one specific location change so far (in the Location change from inside the Walls of the Dark Castle to the Graveyard) the caster himself stays on full hp.

-Casting another beneficial spell on someone that benefits from Aid:
If someone gets targeted by another beneficial spell (tested with bless, shield of faith and shadow armour) they loose the extra hp.

I know that none of these are gamebreaking, but it makes a spell I really like to use (especially on higher difficulties) a lot worse than it should be, so it would be great if you could fix it :)