Lightbringer weapons

Level 2
2 years ago

I feel as if there's some precedence for this in 5th edition dnd, but shouldn't weapons like the Lightbringer weapons shed 5-10' of light? That would be cool and would make the weapons that glow that much more valuable.  I love the light mechanics in this game!

side note: I've noticed some bugginess with the light cantrip -- sometimes when I'll target a creature from a distance with my melee weapon (and click to make them run up and attack) it seems to factor in the light at the start of my character's movement rather than where they end.  That is, I'll be at max running distance and the attack option reads 'disadvantage - target is unlit'.  When my character (with a lit weapon) runs up to attack it still somehow reads as 'unlit'.  Maybe I was missing something here though.

Level 13
2 years ago

That weapon should have infinite light spell.

Level 10
2 years ago

I think they do emit light. Graphically, at least, my Lightbringer Greatsword has a glowing tip.

Niks Jons
Level 1
1 month ago (edited)

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