LIBRARY STATUE TELEPORT bug/"cheat"/annoyance

Level 6
4 weeks ago

not sure if this has been brought up, i could not find it by searching key words.  as we know when one person examines a statue the whole party gets teleported to the statue.  first this is a bit annoying and artificial, if the designers want the whole party there then just have a little note pop up and say 'please gather whole party'.  this can also be used as a cheat, for example, i can put all but one party member by the ancient spell book while having one character go off can trigger the spider ambush then have other the characters examine the spell book, poof all characters are at the spell book and now i can sneak back up on the spiders and pick them off one by one.  i've not tried but i wonder if i can do this with with the big sorak fight at the crown?  i could either timeout the fly spell foe or lure it into the library and watch it fall forever when it fails its concentration check [i'm guessing not, do you need to examine everything in the library before the door opens? i might have to play with that]

yellow flower of courage