Lawkeeper Background Unlocked! Stretch Goal #3 Revealed!

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
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3 years ago

Hey there you fine folks!

The first stretch goal has been reached, the Lawkeeper Background is now unlocked - and with it, a new stretch goal has now been revealed!

Stretch Goals will be gradually revealed as we reach them

Stretch Goal #3 - Community Voice Actor: Cohh Carnage!

That's right, Cohh Carnage will join us as a Guest Voice Actor! Cohh has always been a huge RPG fan and he's agreed to lend us a hand for the project!

Keep an ear out when exploring the World of Solasta, you might hear his voice somewhere during your travels. Will it be around a campfire? In a busy tavern will swapping tales with strangers? In the high spheres of nobility? That will be for you to discover.

Stretch Goal #4 - A familiar Face?

You'll know soon enough!

If you missed our "Ask us Anything" on Reddit, go give it a read there! There were plenty of good questions (and a couple of spoon-related ones), so you might find a few answers that you didn't hear before.

Today's featured fan art is from R0GUE, who's bringing us a bad-ass Vigdis!

We've also just reached another Social Reward! Before the game's launch, we will release a Short Story Prequel to the main campaign, available for everyone to read!

Next Goal: Adding the four Archetypes available in the Pre-Alpha Demo in the Homebrew Section of D&D Beyond!

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