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In the character sheet there are also known languages. Is it a completely aesthetic thing for completeness or is it also useful in the game? For example parchments or ancient writings in languages other than the common or to get clues on how to overcome a trap or where to find a secret door or even to overcome a puzzle more easily than maybe try different combinations ...

Tactical Zaz
Level 8
1 year ago

There will be a use for languages but it probably won't be critical for your success.

1 year ago

Love to ear that. The language system as "tools" to help render more easy to overcame a problem is a must to have!

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7 months ago

Having a PC listen in on an Orc or Goblin would be very cool, not just reading something.


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7 months ago

Honestly thought that that was what was going to happen, still remember Icewind Dale 2 and having a drow in my party that translated the words of a goblin in the prologue. Was pretty sweet seeing that in action.

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