Knock can't be used on non-chest containers

Level 5
5 months ago

I'm currently playing the Caer Falcarn scenario and, since my Lowlife Wizard started without Thieves' Tools, I was hoping to rely on Knock to open all containers. While it works fine with normal chests, I can't find a way to use it on locked containers that aren't chests (like the blue pillow at the end of the second area). Is it working as intended or is Knock supposed to work on that?

Level 4
5 months ago

It should work on anything Thieves' Tools work on, AFAIK. It sounds like a bug.

I have no idea how you unlock a pillow though.

Level 3
4 months ago

This is still a problem, although I suspect it's related to how they set up the dungeon. Not positive though, as i haven't tried the Dungeon Builder yet. But there are many locked "items" in that instance that are not chests, per se (aside from the pillow there are urns and sarcophagi) and you can't click on them and therefore can't use knock. Which is extra annoying since you have no thieves tools :(