Just joined (and finished) the early access. Here are my thoughts.

Level 4
2 years ago (edited)

First, I love games of this type... I grew up on BG1 and BG2.  I somehow missed this Kickstarter.

I like the humor during conversations with NPCs with the cinematic feel.  Nice touch.  

I like the use of crawling and climbing and how your athletic skill plays a role in where you can climb or not.

I think the campaign and world building are off to a good start. I really like the design of the local area map.  Very nice!

In terms of gameplay, I may have missed the instructions, but I could never get any crafting to work. (EDIT: apparently people have been able to craft successfully so this one is on me.) Combat works how I would expect from a game in this genre.

In combat, the "dead" notification would appear over certain characters or NPCs when they weren't actually dead.  Also, in the log, you would get "xx is dead", "xx is no longer dead", and then finally "xx is dead" again.

The spell "Sparkle" works very infrequently to light torches despite it saying that it never misses.

Highlighting interactable objects.  This is just my preference.  I would prefer it if only the interactable objects that the character can see would light up.  It's confusing when interactable items on a different floor are also highlighted.  For doors, I would also suggest that the doors themselves would highlight rather than the location of the door when it's closed.

In terms of the main quest, when it was time to go to the Dark Tower, the major gate in the main city was active and would teleport you there.  I did that and it totally screwed up the quest so I had to revert to a much earlier save when I realized the quest objectives weren't updating properly.  Lots of side quests are only partially implemented.  I hope they'll be fleshed out in the next update.

Time of day was often out of sync with quests.  Like take a long rest and then meet with x.  But... it's now 1am in the morning.  I want to have greater control over the time of day.

Some quality of life issues that I would really like to see:

1. Ability to quit directly to desk top.

2. The ability to move parts of stacks with a double click.  Moving a single arrow at a time is a real pain in the arse.  This should also be available in the merchant interface.  If I have 8 sapphires and I want to sell 4, I can't do that without splitting the stack ahead of time.

3. Force a long rest when on the overland map.  If I want to do a long rest in a map without a campsite I have to instead travel, possibly many days, to the nearest other location just to have a long rest.  I should be able to leave a map and do a long rest. I can't even decide to interrupt my travel after a long rest and go back where I came from.

4. I also want to be able to wait for a certain amount of time.

5. Attuning items. I'd like to be able to change my mind before leaving the interface.  If I accidently click on the wrong item, I then have to go through another short rest.

6. Save games with an image of the scene where one saved so if I screwed up on something and I need to go back to some prior save, I have to load a bunch and see if I got it right.

I hope this was useful. If I think of anything else, I'll post back again.

Level 1
2 years ago

perhaps the possibility of buying an item that allows the player to make a campsite. while in an area map.

DM: How are you using mage hand again? Player: I give the orc a dirty Sanchez.