Items missing in Party Stash, scroll speed and gold sharing.

10 months ago

I left a few items in the Party Stash before I went to Caer Lem. When I came back, some of the items were missing. I don't remember them all but it was all the plants used for crafting. The only one I remember was Blood Daffodil.

Can we please increase the scroll speed in the tutorial? 

My wizard can't scribe a spell out in the wild because he doesn't have 100 gp. The party has a total of 340 gp which is 85 gp per person. There used to be an option for pooling the gold onto one person / sharing the gold between all 4. Sadly that option is gone (please bring it back!) which means I need quite a bit of money if one character wants to spend a lot since they can't 'help' each other with money.

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10 months ago


For the party stash, one thing to note is that ONLY the character opening the chest will actually drop items in the chest. If you swap characters, that character will drop the loot on the ground beneath their feet. 

This is something we will be changing in a future patch so that everyone can drop items in the chest, not only the character opening it.

9 months ago

I can't open my party stash anymore. I returned to the city after the Dark Tower (necromancy gem) and I can't open it. The cursor has a the mouse pointer with a red X when I mouse-over it.

I can highlight all three chests with the highlight key, but when I mouse over it, it doesn't light up like a typical lootable object, and rather gives me the "X" cursor.